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Maintaining Leather Interior

Leather interior is a fantastic option if the person can take care and also afford it. They come in a variety of colours, thicknesses and are extremely robust compared to the usual fabric seats that the majority of cars have nowadays.

If you were to spill a drink or sticky food onto the leather then all you would require is a damp cloth that has been soaked in hot soapy water and rub vigorously across the effected area. This should have all of the stain removed from the seat effortlessly.

However, regular maintenance of leather seats should be adopted because they can become crinkly if they aren’t looked after with due care. Leather cream will be your best best as this stops the leather from drying out, a common occurrence with leather after a number of years since the material has been purchased.

Clean Your Exhaust For That Shiny Tip!

When you think about maintaining your car, the majority will think of the exterior, wheels, engine but we guarantee you will overlook the exhaust tip! Polishing the tips will not only complete the look of your car, but will also protect it from corrosion and other forms of build up.

When cleaning the exhaust tip, we recommend using a degreaser and a metal polish. To start off, soak the tips with the degreaser and let the chemicals work its magic. Use a cleaning brush after a few minutes and start cleaning inside and outside the exhaust tip.

After you’ve dried it off, it’s time to polish the exhaust. For this we recommend you polish using a steel wool for the first polish and then a microfiber cloth for the second.

Apple Making Their Own Car

The rumours of electronic giants Apple dabbling in the automobile market have gone quiet until now… They’ve apparently been registering car domains with the apple name in the url!

The Apple dedicated website MacRumors have reported that Apple have been registering the domain names, and, though none of the sites are currently active. The registrations are documented on, which keeps track of the people or companies behind web addresses.

Of course, it’s not known what Apple plans to do with the site names it just registered, the company is in the midst of developing a number of auto-related projects so it makes sense what’s going to happen. It’s been said that Apple are working on an electric car which will be debuted before 2020, so we shall wait till then!

Parallel Parking

Parallel parking can be scary but you may really struggle to park anywhere if you’re unable to parallel park because it’s a common way of parking on busy streets.

The first way to practice parallel waking is in an empty spot, but this we mean a parking space that’s not enclosed by two vehicles at either side, and by practicing parallel parking with no car behind you, you’re able to perfect your technique.

Get a good idea of the dimensions of your car before you start parallel parking, and try to create your own system for success. One way it to line your back up with the car you want to slot in behind then turn the wheel slightly so you create an inward angel, and turn the wheel full lock when you’re nose will not touch the car in front, you then start to take the lock off when you’re close to the curb and full lock the other way before straightening up.

Kia Estate Car

The newly-named Optima Sportswagon is coming out soon and if you’re a fan of Estate cars, then we think you’ll like this one for sure. Only a few of the Concept’s little details remain, but the basic form remains mostly the same as the concept which was released last year. We’d say it’s comfortably better-looking than, say, a Vauxhall Insignia wagon, complete with its 242bhp 2.0-litre turbo four, twin exhausts and biggish wheels.

What is Kia’s first go at an estate of this size will be offered with a choice of three engines when it goes on sale in the last quarter of this year. There’s a likely quite economical 1.7-litre diesel and a naturally aspirated 2.0-litre petrol, plus the auto-only turbo of the GT. Speed tests haven’t come out yet, but don’t expect anything too spectacular.