Garages can offer a very versatile range of usage options and not just be limited for either vehicle or personal item storage. Many people are considering them as a way to add additional living space whilst also increasing property value. If you have never made any major renovations or upgrades to your home it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are four commonly asked questions people have when considering a garage conversion:

1. Are planning permissions necessary?

This is largely dependent on whether or not you seek to increase the external area of the garage. If not, the conversion will typically be covered under ‘permitted development rights’ (PDR).

2. Exactly where do I start?

Once it is clear that the work is allowed under PDR or planning permissions are acquired, then it would be best to consult a building surveyor, architect or structural engineer to help design your conversion plans.

3. Will a garage conversion add to my property value?

Typically, yes. Anything that improves and creates additional living space to your home will add value. You just need to ensure your project is properly planned, managed and controlled so that the expenditure does not exceed the value added.

4. How much do garage conversion typically cost?

This will depend greatly on the materials you chose to use and whether you employ a builder for the work or if you project manage yourself. Additionally, if you use individual trades people or do some/all of the work yourself. Depending on what you are having done and by whom, pricing could start around £8,000.