‘Tracking’ refers to your car’s wheel alignment and if this alignment is off, it can cause several issues for your vehicle. A few signs that your tracking may need correcting are:

1. If tyres seem to be wearing out quicker than usual, poor alignment could be the cause.

2. Whilst you are driving, if you feel that the steering wheel is pulling to one side or the other, on a straight flat road, you should get your tracking checked.

3. If the steering seems crooked, unstable or loose it could be due to an alignment issue.

4. The steering wheel may not seem level during driving or may stay at an angle even when driving in a straight line.

5. You may even experience your tyres ‘squealing’ on occasion if the tracking is off.

There are several things that can cause wheel misalignment, including worn suspension springs, general wear and tear, hitting a pothole or curb, and is quite common after a small collision.