You wake up one morning, ready for work, in a slight rush. You step outside to find your charge for work halted by an iced windscreen. Driving with ice on your windscreen or side windows can be dangerous, so what are the quickest and safest ways to remove the ice without damaging the car?

Using Water is an effective method. Heat some water to a luke-warm temperature and wipe or pour the water onto the windscreen until the ice gradually melts off.

Another technique is to use a de-icer. Available from garages and auto maintenance shops, de-icer is an alcohol based spray which is designed to melt ice in a similar fashion to hot water without the risk of cracking the windows. It is applied in the same way as water and works in around the same time frame.

Some cars have an ice defroster built in. Check to see if your car does and simply put it on and wait for it to heat up the vehicle and melt the ice.

A method to stop windows from icing over night is to put covers on them the day before. Cover the windows with a towel,  folded sheet or a piece of cardboard before the ice has a chance to form.