The joy of being able to drive is a very liberating feeling but it would not be so good if you couldn’t stop! Brake pads are a very important aspect of your car’s operation and safety features, so it is important to recognise signs of them needing replacing and dealing with that as soon as possible. Driving with worn brake pads can be very dangerous, so be sure to stay vigilant to these signs:

• Many newer vehicles will tell you via an orange brake light if the brake pads are worn

• Worn brake pads can make a screeching or grinding noise when used

• The vehicle could pull to one side if brake pads are worn

• You could feel shaking or vibrations when the brakes are used

• It could take longer to stop if the pads are worn

• You can visually see if they are thin when you peer through the alloy wheels (should be at least 3mm of material)

If you are experiencing any of these signs, you should at least have your brake pads inspected by a professional, to advise you.