Just like you change your clothing when weather changes, you should vary the kind of tyres you use seasonally, for safe driving. According to the British Road Accidents Statistics Department, accidents increase by 267% during winter. Thus it is crucial that you select the right winter tyres with a stable grip on snowy, slippery roads to guarantee your safety.
Winter tyres are not just designed for ice and snow alone, but they are meant for any weather with temperatures under 7˚C. The tyres have a larger proportion of natural rubber compounds to prevent it from hardening in cold conditions, unlike synthetic rubber summer tyres. This feature allows them to offer a firmer grip in mainly low temperature, perfect for long durations of winter weather.
The winter tyres have numerous advantages during cold weather:

  • Shorter stopping distances due to their increased road grip in cold conditions
  • Reduced wear on the tyres due to better grip, thus saves on replacement cost
  • Longer tyre life resulting from minimal wear
  • Improved road safety. The likelihood of sliding and skidding on the road is reasonably reduced.

In cases of extreme snow fall and ice experiences, it is advisable to use snow tyres. These tyres have metal studs embedded in the rubber, which bite deep into the ice or snow to provide a firm grip.