Avon is a British company which has many years of experience in manufacturing tyres and other rubber products. The company manufactures tyres which fits all sorts of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles and cars to huge trailers. By knowing your vehicle’s specifications and requirements, you can easily choose from the wide range of Avon tyres that are available to you.


Avon car tyres

There are many options while choosing Avon tyres for cars. Sports car drivers can choose between the ZZ5 and ZZ3, which are high-performance tyres meant for sports cars. For everyday use, you can select the ZT5, which comes with a modern pattern. If you are the owner of a luxury high-performance car, then you can choose from Avon’s Turbospeed and Turbosteel series.


If you are driving through snow-filled roads, then you can choose the Ice Touring model, which is a premium winter tyre. You can also select the Ice Touring ST, which is a performance winter tyre and an improvement of the basic Ice Touring model. Those of you who are searching for a performance winter tyre can also try out the CR85, which has got amazing reviews.


Van tyres

Avon also manufactures van tyres which give a reliable performance. While choosing Avon tyres for vans, you will have to consider the terrain of travel, the type of vans, and the rate of usage. If you drive a car derived van, then you can use the Avanza AV10, which is custom-made for such vans. You can also choose the latest van tyres from Avon like the AV9, AV11, and AV4. If you drive a trailer, then it is better to go with the Trailer 950, which gives a commendable off-road and on-road performance. If you drive your van through tough terrains, then you can use the Vanmaster M+S model, which is specifically suited for that purpose.


Motorcycle tyres

AVON also specializes in manufacturing various motorcycle tyres. Sports bike riders can choose from Azaro-ST and 3D Ultra Sport models. These models combine high performance with high mileage. Cruisers give good performance when fitted with the Cobra and Venom models, which is custom-made for lengthy and rough drives. For everyday use, you can rely on the Roadrider. The Distanzia Supermoto is especially designed for those who ride large capacity Supermoto bikes. Avon also manufactures sporty tyres for scooters, which go by the name of Viper Stryke.


4×4 tyres

Proud owners of Land Rovers and other heavy duty cars, also have a variety of options when it comes to choosing Avon tyres. You can use the well acclaimed Ranger HTT from Avon which is guaranteed to give you high performance. You can also opt for the Ranger AT which is a 4×4 tyre that is suitable to be driven on all terrains. Owners of Land Rovers can use the Rangemaster, which is a 4×4 tyre that is custom-made for the vehicle. For safely treading through snow-filled roads, you can choose the Ranger Ice, which is a 4×4 winter tyre from Avon.