Amazingly there are approximately 30 million scrap tyres disposed of in the UK each year. Here at Just Tyres, from our 37 Centres we dispose of around 145 thousand units per annum.

Scrap tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste we have to deal with, this is due to the extremely large volume produced and of course their durability. Ironically it is these characteristics that also make scrap tyres one of the most re-used waste products.

In the past the scrap tyre was disposed of in various ways, most of which, due to the way tyres are constructed, were harmful to the environment.

Following the introduction of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which places a duty of care on all waste producers, scrap tyres are now considered a hazardous product and now have to be disposed of as part of a controlled waste programme using licensed carriers. This is great for the environment, however there is a cost. The industry currently spends over £30 million per annum in recycling scrap tyres in the UK alone.

So, what happens to them now?

The materials produced from the tyre recycling process are utilised in many different ways and will be used in the manufacture of various products which can be seen in the high street shops everyday. A small example of products constructed from the scrap tyre waste could include new shoe products, wellington boots and car mats.

In addition some of the materials extracted are used in the construction of the low impact ground surfacing for children’s playgrounds, tennis courts and various other sporting facilities.

There are also a number of factories and energy plants around the world which burn the scrap tyres to generate energy, however this process has to be carried out using quite sophisticated filtering equipment to ensure no toxic gasses are released into the atmosphere. Tyre rubber can produce as much energy as oil, around 25% more energy than coal and twice the energy of burned wood.

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