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Category: Car Garage

One of the most common areas of security weakness for a home is the garage. They can be seen as easy targets as they are not typically included in a home security system, they are usually separated from the home so may be less noticed during a break-in and most of the time a garage will be housing high value items. To help prevent garage theft, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

• Simply having a home security system, should help to deter theft. Security systems, especially monitored ones are a great deterrent especially when advertised on the exterior of the home.

• Ensuring your security system includes security of the garage is even better.

• Exterior motion-operated lights are an additional way to keep your property safe and less appealing to thieves.

• Ensuring garage windows are locked and secured is also important. You can have these covered so that light still gets through but people will not be able to see inside.

• You can also invest in window bars, if your garage has windows.

As small businesses go, car garages give you the opportunity to set up a really profitable venture. After all, most families now have at least one car, and cars are always going to require work. For someone with experience in cars, this is going to be a very good business opportunity.

It will also benefit you to have business experience behind you. If you don’t personally, think about having an investor or employing someone to help with the running of the business. If you do this, it is important you listen to their recommendations and are willing to follow their advice.

You need to be strategic about where you set up a business. Make sure it is in the right kind of area, where there is the potential to get plenty of business. Carry out market research and make sure there isn’t too much competition in your immediate local area.

If you can, keeping your car in a garage is the best way to store it. This is for a number of financial and practical reasons. Of course, not everybody has a garage and even if you do, it may not be big enough to accommodate a vehicle. If this is the case, you may want to build a carport, or you might even consider the possibility of buying or renting out a garage.

By keeping your car in a garage, you will be helping to protect it. It won’t be in danger of people hitting it when they walk past, causing scratches or possibly damage to the wing mirrors and other extremities. It will also be protected from harsh weather conditions, protecting the paintwork.

Your insurance may also be considerably lower if you are able to park a car in a garage. Tell your insurance company and ask for some renewed quotes.

It can be a bit of a nightmare if you’re driving and suddenly your speedometer stops working. It’s not always easy to judge the speed you’re travelling at, and you may find yourself exceeding the speed limit, putting yourself at risk of a fine or worse – points!

Many sat-navs are very good at detecting the speed at which you’re travelling, so if you do have one handy, plug it in, and always stay 5-10mph below the limit just to be safe. If you don’t have one handy, you may have to pull in to the nearest garage. Even if you get a temporary one fitted, it’s better and safer than driving for miles without a speedo.

As soon as you do make it home, get booked in to your nearest car dealership and leave it with them. They can then see where the problem lies and fix it, so you’re good to go again.

Many modern cars will have power steering included, and occasionally there can be a few problems that arise. If you feel your power steering becoming heavier and harder to turn then you could have a big issue on your hands.

The first thing is to check for leaks around the pump for the power steering, while the level should be between the min and the max mark. You may need to top up your power steering fluid several times to see if it is a leak or whether it just needed one top up.

Occasionally there can be loose belts that effect steering, and screechy noises will reflect a problem with the belt, and it may only need a slight adjustment. Always make sure your power steering is functioning as it should, and regular checks are ideal.