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Connected Services are increasingly prevalent in modern vehicles, and once you understand what they are, it’s very easy to see why – they’re an excellent revenue-generator for the manufacturer and their dealer network.

Originally only present in the premium marques, these are now filtering down to the more middle-of-the-road manufacturers like Vauxhall. Essentially Connected Services entails your vehicle having an in-built telematics system, that transmits data about your vehicle directly to the manufacturer for use by the dealer network.

On the face of it, this does have a number of key benefits for the end user, particularly in terms of safety and convenience. If you get into an accident, the car calls the emergency services and transmits your location. If the car breaks down, it informs the breakdown service where you are, and what’s wrong. If you have a fault with your vehicle, the car transmits that to the manufacturer so you can book into a dealer for repairs without them having to then waste time doing diagnostics when you get there.

However, it’s important to remember that this service will always direct you to a dealer network, and as we’re well aware – that may not be the cheapest or best way to go, particularly if your car is out of warranty.

Car leasing is a great alternative to buying a car. Today, a lot of people in Leicester are leasing a car instead of purchasing one. Leasing means that you get to use the car for a certain period of time. When the lease period ends then you give the car back. The cost of leasing a car has been proven to be lower than that of a car loan. The best thing about car leasing is that you do not have to worry about the depreciating value of your car because at the end of the lease period, you just give back the car and then get another lease for a new car model. If you want to have the car that you cannot afford then car leasing is your best option. It is also a very suitable option if you want to drive around in the latest car models all the time.


If you have decided to lease a car then the next thing for you to do is to find a car leasing Leicester Company. On the internet, you will find lots of websites for car leasing companies. You can try your local phone directory, but that would take a lot of time. Some of them do not even have competent staff that handles the phone calls so you will end up frustrated because you cannot get the information that you want over the phone. The easiest and most effective way to search for a car leasing company is to search the internet.

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There was a sigh of relief among Personalised Registered car owners recently when a substantial margin reduced the annual charge to keep a customised registration. While DVLA systems have been updated as per the announcement, joy among the affected parties still runs deep given the benefits of owning one.

While owning a uniquely designed vehicle is considered classy given the fame and its unparalleled features, a DVLA Number Plate provides that icing to the cake, making one an envy among his/her peers. DVLA (formerly DVLC) brings together an official body in the UK charged with all that pertain vehicles and roads and will issue you with a number plate of your choice.

Ordering and getting a DVLA approved number plate is often subject to some rules and regulations including purchase regulations that cover across the UK. Far from the conventional ones, you must be the owner of a vehicle that is registered in the UK to qualify for these special number plates. You may design and submit your preferred acrylic number plate when buying personal registration through the many available subsidiary firms provided that you and your vehicle conform to the regulations.

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Since you may have put great thought and spent your hard-earned money to buy your car, it is important that you maintain it from time to time, and make sure that the tyres don’t become worn out or flat. Before buying tyres online, you need to keep some important things in mind to make sure that you not only get a good deal, but also buy the right tyre for your vehicle.

Follow recommendations

While shopping for tyres, it is essential that you follow the car manufacturer’s recommendations as to which types of tyre will best suit your car. When looking for options online, you will find tyres with various specifications that are suitable for particular types or brands of cars. You can even consult a professional about what kind of tyre you need to buy.

Other factors you must consider while buying tyres include getting all the specifications right. You might find this information from your car user manual or the sides of the tyre. Make note of details like, the radial designation, tread wear, load index, ply construction, traction settings, tyre width, vehicle application, speed rating, pressure, load limits, wheel diameter, etc.

Features you should consider

When buying tyres online it is vital to look for features such as durability, safety, and comfort. Do not buy cheap imitations and avoid buying worn out products, as this will only add to your expenses in the long run. If you buy branded products they will last longer and give high performance. Buying branded tyres will also give you longer factory warranties so you can get replacements within the warranty period, if the need arises.

A majority of online stores provide from reasonable to heavy discounts on tyre purchases. But don’t just look for the highest discounts. Ensure that they provide the best products along with specifications you require and valid warranties. The type of tyre also makes a difference on performance depending on where you drive. For instance, for well-maintained urban roads, tubeless tyres are the ultimate choice.

If you live in snow-bound areas, you might need special tyres in contrast to the all season tyres that most people generally buy. Also remember that although you buy your tyre online, some online stores may charge you shipping or delivery fees, and you will also have to pay the mechanic to install the tyres unless you can do it yourself.

Tyre installation

After buying tyres online, you need to think about installing it correctly. If you do not have much knowledge about tyre installation, hire an expert to get the work done. A mechanic will not only do a good job, but will also ensure that the balancing of the wheels is done well. It is also advisable to change all four tyres at the same time. But if you have budget restraints, you can consider changing two at a time. Make sure that both the new tyres are installed either at the front or at the back of the car.

At Value Tyres we not only sell tyres online but also organise for them to be fitted to your vehicle at a local fitting centre.

How to Choose Good Tyre Fitting Centres


If you do not have experience of having tyres fitted and you want to get the best service for your vehicle, you can head to professional tyre fitting centres to get safe and good quality tyres. Tyre fitting centres offer affordable services, comfort, and safety when it comes to fitting the right type of tyres for your vehicle. But you need to ensure that you get the best service for your vehicle. Below is some information regarding how to choose a good tyre fitting centre.




If a tyre fitting centre has a reputation to protect, it is bound to provide the best quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. Why not ask your friends or colleagues for a reference of a good tyre fitting centre that they have used in your area. It is a good idea to ask more than one person for a good tyre fitting centre as experiences can differ. If you have friends who drive sports or luxury cars, ask them where they get their tyres checked, many high-end vehicle users can look for the best service, so they might give you good referrals.


Cleanliness and maintenance


Although looking for clean tyre fitting centres may seem fussy, it will give you a critical insight into the services at the centre. A reputed tyre fitting centre will take good measures to ensure they are providing the best quality service and maintaining their image. A company which cannot take care of its outlets, by maintaining it properly, may not be a good advert for maintaining a car. Also, a clean and maintained service centre assures safety, discipline, and usually good service.


Using brands


A tyre fitting centre which makes extensive use of branded products can also be trustworthy for its efficiency and service quality. A branded item may lose its reliability if it is in the hands of an inexperienced serviceman at an unprofessional or low standard tyre fitting centre. Companies of branded products seek out good service centres to hold their range. Also, centres with professionals having recognised training services can be trusted for good quality tyres and services.


Expensive does not mean better

Many vehicle owners are under the impression that expensive tyre fitting centres offer better service. A well-maintained tyre fitting centre does not mean it has to be expensive. Even if the price is not the cheapest, it should meet the quality of service the centre is providing. The quality of the centre depends on the quality of equipment they are using, employee motivation, and skills of the service professionals working there.


Although many tyre fitting centres will not have much difference in their prices, you need not choose the most expensive centre to get the best service for your vehicle. While looking for a good tyre service centre, base your search on factors like skills of the staff, company name, experience, and quality of the equipment. A good tyre repair centre will provide you with the right tyres which suit your vehicle and provide safety and balance for smooth and safe driving.