There are lots of driving courses you can go on to supplement the basic training you get in order to gain your driver’s license. You can try out a course designed for the police, with tactical pursuit and containment driving training, or you can go for an opposite course, with evasive driving training. Both have their own real world applications. For the most part, the latter has more applications for people outside of the police. Ignoring the potential for nefarious gains from you can get for the techniques associated with evasive driving, you can actually place it on your CV, and get a significant benefit with, for instance, personal security jobs. Often times, when you work as a body guard, or in the personal security industry, being able to drive and avoid criminals, and, as is more likely (when driving celebrities), avoiding paparazzi, can make your CV appear to be far more competitive. Besides all of this, the training courses which offer this training are designed to be fun, and you will certainly finish the course feeling like a more accomplished driver.