Ensuring that your tyres are kept in good operating condition is incredibly important to your road safety and other motorists you may encounter. Driving on tyres that do not have the proper tread depth or are in need of repair is incredibly dangerous for you, your passengers and other vehicles that could be involved in a accident if your tyres were to malfunction whilst driving.

Signs Your Tyres Need Replacing

• If the tread depth is below 1.6mm, it is illegal to drive on them
• There is widespread cracking or deformation of rubber
• Visible steel cords from the inner layers
• Uneven tyre wear in the canter or at the edges of the tyres
• If the tyre/tyres have been repaired numerous times
• If there is bead (edge of the tyre, in contact with the wheel) damage

If your tyres are exhibiting any of these signs or if you have any doubts about the integrity and safety of your tyres, you should seek the advice of tyre professional and ensure you get tyres replaced where necessary.