Whichever form or shape your car maybe as a car owner you can get good selling experience from prospective clients by being honest and straightforward. In the United Kingdom, many firms specialise in used car sales. When selling used car it is important to check several factors the car condition and the cost of advertising. You can compare the value of your car and that in the newspaper with the same description or features. Check the mileage, cars condition, after market add ons, repair work and exotic colouring. You can repair the car until it is in a good condition wash it and take a few pictures for advertising. If the law requires you to visit them then pick their clearance. Advertise the car on the dailies and check for the response. On the other hand, one can use used car sales firms to sell their car this relieves you all the stress of working on legalities and other stuff as you give the car to the firm and tell them your evaluation then wait for client’s response.