There was a sigh of relief among Personalised Registered car owners recently when a substantial margin reduced the annual charge to keep a customised registration. While DVLA systems have been updated as per the announcement, joy among the affected parties still runs deep given the benefits of owning one.

While owning a uniquely designed vehicle is considered classy given the fame and its unparalleled features, a DVLA Number Plate provides that icing to the cake, making one an envy among his/her peers. DVLA (formerly DVLC) brings together an official body in the UK charged with all that pertain vehicles and roads and will issue you with a number plate of your choice.

Ordering and getting a DVLA approved number plate is often subject to some rules and regulations including purchase regulations that cover across the UK. Far from the conventional ones, you must be the owner of a vehicle that is registered in the UK to qualify for these special number plates. You may design and submit your preferred acrylic number plate when buying personal registration through the many available subsidiary firms provided that you and your vehicle conform to the regulations.

All DVLA approved number plates can be in the form of your name, initials or just anything, and you can order them online or by physically visiting their offices. While the government reserves the issuance rights, dealers, as well as private individuals, can sell them too. Dealers will encourage prior searching of the desired number plate and typically don’t allow using a new number plate on an old vehicle. Price range and all DVLA fees must be known before you make any deposits.

DVLA number plates will apply to all taxed vehicles, and the respective documents are sent to the dealer together with the Log Book. It’s important to mention that the costs of obtaining a personalised registration in Northern Ireland can be a notch higher than in the Great Britain.

Selling a DVLA approved number plate is possible through a dealer. The dealer will primarily advertise your registration. When the buyer is found, they will pay the necessary DVLA fees while the dealer will request for the car’s documentation. Here, the dealer is charged with the task of ensuring the safe sale and will update you on when to expect the full pay.

Besides the two options, the “Classic Auctions” done six times a year also offer an excellent opportunity across the UK to sample and get an ideal vehicle. Throughout the three-day auction, dealers showcase vehicles with distinct number plates together with ready registration through a government agent. The mode of an auction is paramount too and getting a great deal is often guaranteed.

Another important point is the retention certificate, whereby the owner can sell the vehicle while “storing” the registration marks provided that they have the W317 Form. It’s worth mention that these individual number plates are within your reach. With the many dealers today, you need not worry since their task includes getting you one. However, there are plenty of factors that you must be aware of before opting for one. They’re classy but always have all the important information before opting for one in any part of the UK.