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Since you may have put great thought and spent your hard-earned money to buy your car, it is important that you maintain it from time to time, and make sure that the tyres don’t become worn out or flat. Before buying tyres online, you need to keep some important things in mind to make sure that you not only get a good deal, but also buy the right tyre for your vehicle.

Follow recommendations

While shopping for tyres, it is essential that you follow the car manufacturer’s recommendations as to which types of tyre will best suit your car. When looking for options online, you will find tyres with various specifications that are suitable for particular types or brands of cars. You can even consult a professional about what kind of tyre you need to buy.

Other factors you must consider while buying tyres include getting all the specifications right. You might find this information from your car user manual or the sides of the tyre. Make note of details like, the radial designation, tread wear, load index, ply construction, traction settings, tyre width, vehicle application, speed rating, pressure, load limits, wheel diameter, etc.

Features you should consider

When buying tyres online it is vital to look for features such as durability, safety, and comfort. Do not buy cheap imitations and avoid buying worn out products, as this will only add to your expenses in the long run. If you buy branded products they will last longer and give high performance. Buying branded tyres will also give you longer factory warranties so you can get replacements within the warranty period, if the need arises.

A majority of online stores provide from reasonable to heavy discounts on tyre purchases. But don’t just look for the highest discounts. Ensure that they provide the best products along with specifications you require and valid warranties. The type of tyre also makes a difference on performance depending on where you drive. For instance, for well-maintained urban roads, tubeless tyres are the ultimate choice.

If you live in snow-bound areas, you might need special tyres in contrast to the all season tyres that most people generally buy. Also remember that although you buy your tyre online, some online stores may charge you shipping or delivery fees, and you will also have to pay the mechanic to install the tyres unless you can do it yourself.

Tyre installation

After buying tyres online, you need to think about installing it correctly. If you do not have much knowledge about tyre installation, hire an expert to get the work done. A mechanic will not only do a good job, but will also ensure that the balancing of the wheels is done well. It is also advisable to change all four tyres at the same time. But if you have budget restraints, you can consider changing two at a time. Make sure that both the new tyres are installed either at the front or at the back of the car.

At Value Tyres we not only sell tyres online but also organise for them to be fitted to your vehicle at a local fitting centre.

How to Choose Good Tyre Fitting Centres


If you do not have experience of having tyres fitted and you want to get the best service for your vehicle, you can head to professional tyre fitting centres to get safe and good quality tyres. Tyre fitting centres offer affordable services, comfort, and safety when it comes to fitting the right type of tyres for your vehicle. But you need to ensure that you get the best service for your vehicle. Below is some information regarding how to choose a good tyre fitting centre.




If a tyre fitting centre has a reputation to protect, it is bound to provide the best quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. Why not ask your friends or colleagues for a reference of a good tyre fitting centre that they have used in your area. It is a good idea to ask more than one person for a good tyre fitting centre as experiences can differ. If you have friends who drive sports or luxury cars, ask them where they get their tyres checked, many high-end vehicle users can look for the best service, so they might give you good referrals.


Cleanliness and maintenance


Although looking for clean tyre fitting centres may seem fussy, it will give you a critical insight into the services at the centre. A reputed tyre fitting centre will take good measures to ensure they are providing the best quality service and maintaining their image. A company which cannot take care of its outlets, by maintaining it properly, may not be a good advert for maintaining a car. Also, a clean and maintained service centre assures safety, discipline, and usually good service.


Using brands


A tyre fitting centre which makes extensive use of branded products can also be trustworthy for its efficiency and service quality. A branded item may lose its reliability if it is in the hands of an inexperienced serviceman at an unprofessional or low standard tyre fitting centre. Companies of branded products seek out good service centres to hold their range. Also, centres with professionals having recognised training services can be trusted for good quality tyres and services.


Expensive does not mean better

Many vehicle owners are under the impression that expensive tyre fitting centres offer better service. A well-maintained tyre fitting centre does not mean it has to be expensive. Even if the price is not the cheapest, it should meet the quality of service the centre is providing. The quality of the centre depends on the quality of equipment they are using, employee motivation, and skills of the service professionals working there.


Although many tyre fitting centres will not have much difference in their prices, you need not choose the most expensive centre to get the best service for your vehicle. While looking for a good tyre service centre, base your search on factors like skills of the staff, company name, experience, and quality of the equipment. A good tyre repair centre will provide you with the right tyres which suit your vehicle and provide safety and balance for smooth and safe driving.



Amazingly there are approximately 30 million scrap tyres disposed of in the UK each year. Here at Just Tyres, from our 37 Centres we dispose of around 145 thousand units per annum.

Scrap tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste we have to deal with, this is due to the extremely large volume produced and of course their durability. Ironically it is these characteristics that also make scrap tyres one of the most re-used waste products.

In the past the scrap tyre was disposed of in various ways, most of which, due to the way tyres are constructed, were harmful to the environment.

Following the introduction of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which places a duty of care on all waste producers, scrap tyres are now considered a hazardous product and now have to be disposed of as part of a controlled waste programme using licensed carriers. This is great for the environment, however there is a cost. The industry currently spends over £30 million per annum in recycling scrap tyres in the UK alone.

So, what happens to them now?

The materials produced from the tyre recycling process are utilised in many different ways and will be used in the manufacture of various products which can be seen in the high street shops everyday. A small example of products constructed from the scrap tyre waste could include new shoe products, wellington boots and car mats.

In addition some of the materials extracted are used in the construction of the low impact ground surfacing for children’s playgrounds, tennis courts and various other sporting facilities.

There are also a number of factories and energy plants around the world which burn the scrap tyres to generate energy, however this process has to be carried out using quite sophisticated filtering equipment to ensure no toxic gasses are released into the atmosphere. Tyre rubber can produce as much energy as oil, around 25% more energy than coal and twice the energy of burned wood.

If you would like further information on the recycling of scrap tyres please e-mail your question to:-

The winter season is one of the dreaded for car owners. This is because they will face many problems with their tyres making them have less efficiency. It is thus recommended that one get the correct type of cold weather tyres to get efficiency. With effective tyres that works best in cold season, almost half of the accidents will be prevented as the car will be stable and sliding will be prevented.


There are many manufacturers that have come up with models of cold weather tyres in the UK. Before a car owner pays money to get the exchange services, they have to get the following correct.

  •      Do your own research

Just like any other products that are bought, car owners should do their best research concerning the winter tyres that are available in the market. The online sources will provide the best information about retailers in your locations.

  •       Read your car manuals for size

When researching for the tyres to buy, know the actual size that will go well with your vehicle. It will not wok well when you buy the cold season tyres that are not compatible with the size of your vehicle. One should carefully look at manuals and the car size recommendations. By buying the size which is not recommended for your vehicle, the ability to handle will be reduced. Its steering efficiency will also be limited. There are some shops which will even try to sell you the big or small sized tyre for your vehicle that are not fitting.

  •        Reputation of the manufacturers

There are many brands of cold weather tyres available on stock. However there are those that have been in the market for a long time thus they are trusted to be efficient. A good company will offer clients a good warranty for the tyre if they do not work well as recommended. While getting reputable companies, one should know that the best brands in the market are more expensive.

  •       Tread designs

By closely looking at the cold weather tyres, you will realize that they are very different from ordinary ones. Find out from expert in your location the recommended design when it comes to tread designing. Ideally the best tip is to find actual weather conditions in your area and get the best tyres that will suit the old season.

Other tips to consider

It is important for car owners to be prepared and even prepare their car for cold seasons. This can be done by buying the right tyres. During the season ensure that pressure is checked on tyres because it can drop as a result of severe conditions in weather.

Serous car owner should ensure they are changing all the four to cold weather tyres. Do not change the 2 front tyres only as this will not be efficient. Always remember that having the winter tyres will help one in controlling the vehicle and avoiding accidents. After you have changed the tyres, read the guides from the manufacturers to be on the safer sides as one is assured of good grips on the roads. In turn one will get to maximize on the safety standards and optimal performances.

The Michelin Energy Saver tire brand offers the lowest fuel consumption by using rubber compounds that offer the lowest rolling resistance and best wear resistance. Coming in many types and sizes, the Michelin Energy Saver tires have a long life expectancy, with minimal negative effects on our environment.

Michelin Energy Saver 91V is a tire specially manufactured for using during summertime. There are a few dimensions and characteristics that define each type of Michelin Energy Saver tire. These important parameters are: the width of the tire, ranging from 165 to 225 millimeters, the series, going from 50 to 65, the diameter, from 14 to 17 inches, the load index, ranging from 79 to 99 and the speed index, H, T, V or W. As we can see, the Michelin Energy Saver 91V has a load index of 91 and a V speed index. The maximum recommended speed for these tires is 240 km/ h and a maximum recommended weight of 615 kg/ wheel.

Choosing to fit your wheels with Michelin Energy Saver 91V tires means that you will always benefit from reduced fuel consumption and increased safety on wet roads. This is made possible thanks to the 100% silica composition of the new generation. In 1992, Michelin launched the very first generation of fuel-efficient tires, tires known as “green tires” due to partial replacement of carbon black with silica. The new generation silica used for Michelin Energy Saver tires replaces carbon black almost entirely. Increased safety on wet roads is maintained kilometer after kilometer thanks to the Durable Security Compound (DSC).

Durable Security Compound is a new tread compound and it contains a high concentration of aromatic oil (in accordance with EU directive came into force in January 2010). These tires improve braking in wet conditions, not only when new but even when the tire is worn down. To guarantee efficient braking, the Durable Security Compound stabilizes tread rigidity over the entire life of the tire (this is a Michelin patented invention). Increased mileage was obtained due to transformation processes done only Michelin. Thus, Michelin Energy Saver can last up to 10.000 km more that other tires.

Another advantage is that using a tire with a longer lifespan means that we have lesser tires to recycle. The exclusive process Michelin allows simultaneous combination of all tread components, a perfect control of the mixture homogeneity and molecular interactions between different ingredients. The tread rubber performances are therefore highly dependent on the quality of molecular combination of 14 ingredients from which it is made (elastomers, sulfur, antioxidants, silica etc.). Effects of 100% silica and DSC’s are enhanced in comparison with a non-Michelin process.

The Michelin Energy Saver 91V tire can help save up to 80 liters of fuel, comparing to other tires used for fuel powered cars. They offer extra safety to a driver and the passengers of a car by reducing the braking distance on wet roads by 3 m that the previous tires. Michelin knows that it is crucial to protect the environment, drivers, passengers and pedestrians so it is striving to fulfill every demand and needs out there.