The winter season is one of the dreaded for car owners. This is because they will face many problems with their tyres making them have less efficiency. It is thus recommended that one get the correct type of cold weather tyres to get efficiency. With effective tyres that works best in cold season, almost half of the accidents will be prevented as the car will be stable and sliding will be prevented.


There are many manufacturers that have come up with models of cold weather tyres in the UK. Before a car owner pays money to get the exchange services, they have to get the following correct.

  •      Do your own research

Just like any other products that are bought, car owners should do their best research concerning the winter tyres that are available in the market. The online sources will provide the best information about retailers in your locations.

  •       Read your car manuals for size

When researching for the tyres to buy, know the actual size that will go well with your vehicle. It will not wok well when you buy the cold season tyres that are not compatible with the size of your vehicle. One should carefully look at manuals and the car size recommendations. By buying the size which is not recommended for your vehicle, the ability to handle will be reduced. Its steering efficiency will also be limited. There are some shops which will even try to sell you the big or small sized tyre for your vehicle that are not fitting.

  •        Reputation of the manufacturers

There are many brands of cold weather tyres available on stock. However there are those that have been in the market for a long time thus they are trusted to be efficient. A good company will offer clients a good warranty for the tyre if they do not work well as recommended. While getting reputable companies, one should know that the best brands in the market are more expensive.

  •       Tread designs

By closely looking at the cold weather tyres, you will realize that they are very different from ordinary ones. Find out from expert in your location the recommended design when it comes to tread designing. Ideally the best tip is to find actual weather conditions in your area and get the best tyres that will suit the old season.

Other tips to consider

It is important for car owners to be prepared and even prepare their car for cold seasons. This can be done by buying the right tyres. During the season ensure that pressure is checked on tyres because it can drop as a result of severe conditions in weather.

Serous car owner should ensure they are changing all the four to cold weather tyres. Do not change the 2 front tyres only as this will not be efficient. Always remember that having the winter tyres will help one in controlling the vehicle and avoiding accidents. After you have changed the tyres, read the guides from the manufacturers to be on the safer sides as one is assured of good grips on the roads. In turn one will get to maximize on the safety standards and optimal performances.