Formula 1 is one of the most exhilarating sports in the world. Super fast cars combined with extremely talented drivers make Formula 1 the ultimate racing game. Loyal fans adore and cheer on their favourite teams in many various ways; Formula 1 clothing is probably the best way to publicise and identify with a team. For both drivers and fans alike, clothing in Formula 1 is distinct and unique to the sport. Formula 1 clothing for drivers is probably the most popular with fans, each driver usually have unique overall that more or less serves as the driver’s brand. It is also worth to know that Formula 1 clothing for drivers is designed for more than just the branding; the clothing forms a critical part of the driver’s safety. They are made from fire proof materials that are so efficient such that a driver can survive fire burning around him.

Formula 1 clothing has remained one of the most sought after formula 1 merchandise. This probably due to the strong association diehard fans have developed with their various teams over the years. Wearing merchandised formula 1 clothing links people to thrill on the tracks giving one an incredible sense of belonging. Besides, Formula 1 clothing such as jackets, baseball caps, shirts and other merchandise come in all sizes even for little children. Brand association with famous luxury cars such as Ferrari has made Formula 1 clothing become a statement of class and preference. The clothing helps individuals establish their positions as enthusiasts and loyal fans.

The clothing used in Formula 1 has come a long way since the 1970s when the Formula 1 clothing was primarily focused on elegance and comfort. However, after several fire accidents the clothing has radically been transformed. These days the entire Formula 1 driver clothing from head to toe is made of special materials. The ultimate goal is to protect the drivers in case of accidents that result into fire. Overalls are constructed from fabrics that have been thoroughly tested to withstand high temperatures. Formula 1 driver clothing is also designed to be light weight and breathable. Some of the Formula 1 races occur in very hot conditions and to allow for the sweat to freely evaporate the overalls must be highly breathable.

The safety Formula 1 clothing is not just limited to the drivers, the pit crews are also exposed to extreme dangers. During refuelling there is a chance for fire and the pit crew must also be dressed in fire proof clothing. Development in Formula 1 clothing technology over the years has saved a lot of lives considering that it is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. As fan, attending a live race is probably the most thrilling activity; it is important to address smart and be prepared for possible emergencies such as cars blasting right in front of your face. Helmets have been part of Formula 1 clothing from the beginning; however, helmets can be too bulky for a fun, it is advisable to invest in ear plugs or special ear phones to protect your ears from ear drum splitting blasts.