The Michelin Energy Saver tire brand offers the lowest fuel consumption by using rubber compounds that offer the lowest rolling resistance and best wear resistance. Coming in many types and sizes, the Michelin Energy Saver tires have a long life expectancy, with minimal negative effects on our environment.

Michelin Energy Saver 91V is a tire specially manufactured for using during summertime. There are a few dimensions and characteristics that define each type of Michelin Energy Saver tire. These important parameters are: the width of the tire, ranging from 165 to 225 millimeters, the series, going from 50 to 65, the diameter, from 14 to 17 inches, the load index, ranging from 79 to 99 and the speed index, H, T, V or W. As we can see, the Michelin Energy Saver 91V has a load index of 91 and a V speed index. The maximum recommended speed for these tires is 240 km/ h and a maximum recommended weight of 615 kg/ wheel.

Choosing to fit your wheels with Michelin Energy Saver 91V tires means that you will always benefit from reduced fuel consumption and increased safety on wet roads. This is made possible thanks to the 100% silica composition of the new generation. In 1992, Michelin launched the very first generation of fuel-efficient tires, tires known as “green tires” due to partial replacement of carbon black with silica. The new generation silica used for Michelin Energy Saver tires replaces carbon black almost entirely. Increased safety on wet roads is maintained kilometer after kilometer thanks to the Durable Security Compound (DSC).

Durable Security Compound is a new tread compound and it contains a high concentration of aromatic oil (in accordance with EU directive came into force in January 2010). These tires improve braking in wet conditions, not only when new but even when the tire is worn down. To guarantee efficient braking, the Durable Security Compound stabilizes tread rigidity over the entire life of the tire (this is a Michelin patented invention). Increased mileage was obtained due to transformation processes done only Michelin. Thus, Michelin Energy Saver can last up to 10.000 km more that other tires.

Another advantage is that using a tire with a longer lifespan means that we have lesser tires to recycle. The exclusive process Michelin allows simultaneous combination of all tread components, a perfect control of the mixture homogeneity and molecular interactions between different ingredients. The tread rubber performances are therefore highly dependent on the quality of molecular combination of 14 ingredients from which it is made (elastomers, sulfur, antioxidants, silica etc.). Effects of 100% silica and DSC’s are enhanced in comparison with a non-Michelin process.

The Michelin Energy Saver 91V tire can help save up to 80 liters of fuel, comparing to other tires used for fuel powered cars. They offer extra safety to a driver and the passengers of a car by reducing the braking distance on wet roads by 3 m that the previous tires. Michelin knows that it is crucial to protect the environment, drivers, passengers and pedestrians so it is striving to fulfill every demand and needs out there.